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Nov 22, 2014
2:40 pm
Nov 22, 2014
6:59 am
Nov 22, 2014
1:20 am
Nov 21, 2014
11:57 pm
Nov 21, 2014
6:54 pm


I'm sorry guys... I don't feel like drawing anymore.

I'm just going to finish my last commissions and be done with this ...thing. I'm sorry I guess I just don't fit this "artist" role. I don't have the time, I don't have the support, I don't have the tools and for all I know, I don't have the passion to take it foward. It's been a couple of years I don't feel like making any progress with my art. I'm frustrated and overwhelmed by many, so many problems that drawing has just stopped being my scape from reality and became part of it. 

You see, I started drawing because it was fun, but it is not fun anymore. It is no longer rewarding to me. I'm just wasting everybody's time - mine included.

So... that's it. The only thing that's left are the friends and awesome people I got to know through my art (and their own). Thank you for that, you rock, and you always will.




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Paola Piereti
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:target: U P D A T E ! : Customers will be responsable for paying the Paypal fees from now on!


So as you may know, my tablet is now an old lady and she have already scared me a few times, once I even thought she was dead ~DESPAIR~ So, as an artist you can imagine this would be like the end of the world for me.

I've been wanting to get my hands on a Cintiq for quite a while now, but it always got me thinking "it's gonna take a lot of time until I have all the monies for that..." well, in fact it will, but I must start somewhere, right? :D

As you also know, I do commissions from time to time, and you don't always get to grab a spot that quickly. So I thought: I'll do the quickiest type of commissions ever: CHIBIS!


Chibi #10 by PaolaPieretti

The goal is 1000$, to help me get my Cintiq before my old Bamboo Fun tablet dies forevah and evah. Yep, these "toys" are very expensive... T_T' And I'm not even counting the shipping and taxes I'll have to pay...*sigh* but I'm rambling now.

I'll be ofering for an unlimited time; fully detailed and colored chibi commissions at the price of 10$ (100 chibis, OMG! @_@). You can follow the fundraising progress through my main page here on DeviantArt.

:bulletblack: Note me!
:bulletblack: Payment in advance, via Paypal only (USD).
:bulletblack: I only need references and that's all.
:bulletblack: I won't create a design. FORGET IT.
:bulletblack: I can do OC's, fanart or even a tiny cute portrait of youself (photos reference).
:bulletblack: You cannot be in a rush for your Chibi, please, only request if you have the patience!

Thank you for the support!


1-2. :bulletblue: sugarpoultry
Chibi #12 and #13 by PaolaPieretti
3-4-5-6. :bulletblue: Estonius
Chibi #15 by PaolaPieretti Chibi #19 by PaolaPieretti Chibi #20 by PaolaPieretti
Chibi #24 by PaolaPieretti
7. :bulletgreen: Estonius - flat colors done
8-9. :bulletblue: Mau-Acheron
Chibi #2 and #3 by PaolaPieretti
10-11. :bulletblue: Phanteia
Chibi #4 by PaolaPieretti Chibi #7 by PaolaPieretti
12-13. :bulletblue: hanakogames
Chibi #8 and #9 by PaolaPieretti
14-15-16. :bulletblue: Lady-woods
Chibi #11 by PaolaPierettiChibi #1 by PaolaPierettiChibi #10 by PaolaPieretti
17-18. :bulletblue: QDLA
Chibi #5 and #6 by PaolaPieretti
19-20-21. :bulletblue: Arofexdracona
Chibi #14 by PaolaPieretti Chibi #17 by PaolaPieretti Chibi #16 by PaolaPieretti
22. :bulletgreen: Arofexdracona
23. :bulletgreen: Arofexdracona
24. :bulletgreen: Arofexdracona
25. :bulletgreen: Arofexdracona
26. :bulletblack: Heliossa - canceled
27. :bulletblack: Heliossa - canceled
28. :bulletblack: Heliossa - canceled
29. :bulletblack: Heliossa - canceled
30. :bulletblack: Heliossa - canceled
31. :bulletblack: Heliossa - canceled
32. :bulletblack: Heliossa - canceled
33. :bulletblack: Heliossa - canceled
34. :bulletblack: Heliossa - canceled
35. :bulletblack: Heliossa - canceled
36. :bulletred: KaosFox
37-38. :bulletblue: FoxOfTwilight
Chibi #25 by PaolaPieretti
39. :bulletgreen: FoxOfTwilight
40. :bulletgreen: FoxOfTwilight
41-42. :bulletblue: Kaedegirl
Chibi #26 by PaolaPieretti
43. :bulletblue: SpookyCrypt
Chibi #22 by PaolaPieretti
44. :bulletblue: passingfancyrae
Chibi #21 by PaolaPieretti
45. :bulletred: CerberusArts
46. :bulletred: TheKelol
47. :bulletred: TheKelol
48. :bulletred: TheKelol
49. :bulletred: TheKelol
50. :bulletred: TheKelol
51. :bulletred: TheKelol
52. :bulletred: TheKelol
53. :bulletred: TheKelol
54. :bulletred: TheKelol
55. :bulletred: sue-b
56. :bulletblue: EmyFolie
Chibi #23 by PaolaPieretti
57. :bulletgreen: Bolton-Ramsay
58. :bulletgreen: Bolton-Ramsay
59. :bulletgreen: Bolton-Ramsay
60. :bulletgreen: Bolton-Ramsay
61. :bulletblue: SnowSultan
Chibi #27 by PaolaPieretti
62. :bulletgreen: Britaindae - sketched
63. :bulletblack: Phanteia - canceled
64. :bulletblack: Phanteia - canceled
65. :bulletgreen: mortemmaul


:bulletgreen: mintwinter :points: - sketched
:bulletgreen: mintwinter :points: - sketched
:bulletblue: Harroway - extra
Hello Sailor by PaolaPieretti
:bulletgreen: Nennundy-chan - extra

50 by PaolaPieretti - 1000 $ *


* Already paid, not draw yet


PaolaPieretti has started a donation pool!
5,155 / 8,000
Donate if you think my art is worthy! I don't care how many points you'll donate as much as you just donate! :la:

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